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United States Government

Guide to the form and functions of the U.S. Government. Includes resources on legal issues, published government works, and current news.

Role of the Executive Branch

The Executive Branch consists of the agencies and departments that take direction from the President and their cabinet. The President makes appointments to federal agencies, passes and vetoes bills from Congress, and has the powers of Commander-in-Chief and Chief Diplomat.

The President of the United States

Accessing Historical Webpages

The Wayback Machine from the Internet Archive is a tool which lets you access webpages from past administrations. It is particularly useful for finding government related webpages. Here's how it works: 

1. Go to the Wayback Machine on the Internet Archive 

2. Enter the URL from the agency, program, or initiative you are searching for into this box 

3. Select the time period relevant to your search, then click on a specific date to see webpage screenshots from that day. 


 Wayback Machine instructions from Portland State University 

Federal Regulations

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