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United States Government

Guide to the form and functions of the U.S. Government. Includes resources on legal issues, published government works, and current news.

Separation of Powers

The U.S. Constitution outlines the separation of powers into three branches of government: the legislative branch, the executive branch, and the judicial branch. The separation of powers ensures that not one branch will hold egregious power. Learn more about how the separation of powers influences the structure of the U.S. government in the video below. 

Form and Functions of the Government

Using Government Information

The U.S. government is one of the largest publishers in the world. Federal, state and local governments maintain websites full of useful information on a variety of topics. Find data and analysis from U.S. publications in the links below: 

U.S. Political News

This is a small list of media providers that report on American political news. Beware that media sites tend to report with some bias. Check the description of each site or use the Media Bias/Fact Checker link below to learn more about media bias.

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