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Friends of the Library

The Friends of the Goucher College Library are alumnae/i, faculty, students, library staff, and others who enjoy a common bond: a passion for communicating the importance of the library within the intellectual setting of Goucher College.

Spring 2018 - Meet the Berners Hours

Meet the Berners Hours, a Fifteenth-Century Prayer Book

February 22, 2018

Batza Room, Ungar Athenaeum


The Friends of the Goucher College Library celebrated the acquisition of the Berners Hours, a 15th-century illuminated manuscript prayer book. Learn how this single book, not much bigger than an iPhone5, and its rich store of evidence can supply Goucher students with subjects for research for many years.

Arnold Sanders professor emeritus of English presented a history of the manuscript, its owners, and scholarship to suggest that female scribes and illuminators worked on the Berners Hours.  The manuscript was donated in 2017 by Sanders and his wife, Laura Provan, in honor of their parents and Nancy Magnuson, college librarian emerita.  Professor Sanders continues to teach a course in the history of the book and his wife is a docent who leads tours of the Walters Art Museum, including examples of its extraordinary medieval manuscript collection. 

Additional sponsorship provided by the Book Studies Program and the Brooke and Carol Peirce Center for Undergraduate Research.

To learn more about the Berners Hours please visit

Fall 2017 - The Elephant with a Knot in His Trunk Open House with Nancy Patz '52

The Elephant with a Knot in His Trunk Open House with Nancy Patz '52

November 8, 2017

Siebert Center, Athenaeum


How an author/illustrator and an orthodontist created a book on disability and bullying: The Elephant with a Knot in His Trunk
by Nancy Patz and Stuart Sheer, illustrated by Nancy Patz.  To hear the talk, visit the Goucher College Digital Library.


Fall 2017 - 40 Years of Making Books By Hand

40 Years of Making Books By Hand

September 27, 2017

Batza Room of the Athenaeum


Book artists Peter and Donna Thomas discuss the challenges and delights of producing hand-made books in the digital age.

Visit the Wandering Book Artists' Caravan on Wednesday, September 27 to Friday, September 29 on Van Meter Highway by the Gazebo.  The Thomas caravan, an art studio on wheels and the Thomas home, will be parked and open to visit.  Please stop by to enjoy books and conversation anytime when the doors are open.

These events are sponsored by Goucher College Book Studies and Friends of the Library.

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