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International Resources

Biographical/Identification Websites & Databases

If Wikipedia proves insufficient for your needs, here are other online sources to check for quick biographical info:

AUSTRALIA:  Dictionary of Biography  (Can search by ethnicity, religion, occupation, gender, dates, geography.)

CHINA:  China Vitae (a who's who of the country's elite today -- produced in Maryland!)

GERMAN-SPEAKING:  ("Notable Austrians, Germans, and Swiss").

INDIA:   Kamat Research Database   (Indian biographies section.)


MULTI-COUNTRY:  Encyclopedia of World Biography  (essay entries; note that there are multiple alphabets of entries to check.)

MULTI-COUNTRY:   NNDB tracking the entire world  (provides brief factual entries; shows people connections.)

MULTI-COUNTRY: (a collection of links to biographical entries -- in various languages.  Can search database by name or geography.)

How to search the library's catalog for biographical books by country

1) Choose the "Advanced Search" tab on the homepage.   
2) Type the truncated word "biograph*" (catches the words "biography," "biographies," and "biographical").
3) Use drop-down menu to change search from "Keyword" to "Identifier; Subject."
4) In second box, type country name (truncated with * symbol if appropriate). Use drop-down menu to change search from "Keyword" to "Identifier; Subject."
5) Choose Goucher College Library as the Location
6) Click "Search."

If you get too few results, try using a "Keyword" search for the country name.

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