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Data Literacy

What is data literacy?

The ability to explore, understand, and communicate with data in a meaningful way.


Watch or Read: Why is data literacy important?

The more you know, the better decisions you can make for...

  • yourself
  • community
  • work
  • education

It also makes you a more desirable candidate in the job market!

We live in a world powered by data... And data doesn’t just impact working lives, but the whole of society, from governmental decisions to how people are treated as consumers.

It is therefore crucial for everyone to be able to work and live effectively in today’s society. In the same way as not being able to read or write alienates and marginalizes people, not being able to understand, analyze, and use data prevents citizens from contributing fully to society. Ultimately this can lead to isolation and a breakdown of belief in government organizations and the democratic process. The range and volume of data is ever-increasing, making a lack of data literacy a growing concern.

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Watch or Read: What is data?

Data is measured, collected and reported, and analyzed, whereupon it is often visualized using graphs, images or other analysis tools. Raw data (“unprocessed data”) may be a collection of numbers or characters before it’s been “cleaned” and corrected by researchers. It must be corrected so that we can remove outliers, instrument or data entry errors. Data processing commonly occurs by stages, and therefore the “processed data” from one stage could also be considered the “raw data” of subsequent stage. Field data is data that’s collected in an uncontrolled “in situ” environment. Experimental data is the data that is generated within the observation of scientific investigations.

Data can be generated by:

Human-Machine combines.

It can often generated anywhere where any information is generated and stored in structured or unstructured formats.

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