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Business Management

A Guide to Library Research in Business Management at Goucher College

Finding Company Information

Business Source Premier  is an EBSCOhost database containing access to thousands of business journals.  It also contains company profiles.

Click on Company Information, in the blue bar across the top of the page. On the next screen, type in the name of a public company in the search box. You may also search by ultimate parent, ticker symbol, or keyword, by marking one of those options below the search box. Find the company in the results list and click on it to see a brief snapshot of the company. In tbe left menu are various types of resources with related information, including trade publicatons, academic journals, newspapers, books, reports from various sources, and others. is another great resource for finding company information.  Use the "Company Information" drop down box in the upper right of their website and then click on "Company Information" again to either browse or search their directory.  

Company News and Articles

For best results, use the Advanced Search screen on the homepage of Business Search Premier, mark the Full Text option, and enter the name of your company on the top line.  From the drop down menu next to it, select "CO Company Entity." When the results list comes up, you can narrow your search using the options to the left.  This allows you to view only results from certain types of publications or to choose a specific subject to add to your search. Another approach to focusing your search is to add keywords on the other lines on the Advanced Search screen.  For example, add “marketing” to the second line under your company name to find articles on marketing related to your company.

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