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Try Google Scholar

Make sure you're not missing something available through Goucher's library!

Looking for a specific article? Can't find it in the Goucher Library? Check Google Scholar.

  1. Connect your Google account to Goucher's library. See instructions below.
  2. Search Google Scholar for the specific article.

More tips directly from Google Scholar.



Connect Google Scholar to the Goucher Library

Use Google Scholar to begin your search for scholarly resources. Google Scholar covers a large proportion of scholarly literature including: academic journals, books, institutional repositories, preprints, case law, patents, and dissertations.  You can set alerts to stay up-to-date on the latest literature, access sources through the Goucher Library, and track citations. For more details, read their About page.

Connect Google Scholar to Goucher Library to automatically access library resources from off campus.

  1. From Google Scholar, select the three bar menu icon.

  2. Look for the “Settings” link or gear icon and select.

  3. Select “Library Links.”

  4. Search for Goucher in the search box.

  5. Check the boxes for all Goucher College options.

  6. Select “Save.”

The next time you search in Google Scholar, if an item is available through Goucher, it will show you a selectable link to Full text@Goucher Library.

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