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Basic guide to theatre sources

Find Books

To find a book in the library you first need the call number, which you can find online when you look up the book in WorldCat Discovery.  Make sure you're looking at something actually available at Goucher!

Find the Call Number Online

Books are arranged by subject - everything about Queen Elizabeth will be in one section, everything about molecular biology will be in another section, everything about Germany's political system will be in another.  Sometimes it's a good idea to just go to the particular section you need and look around on the shelves.  We use the Dewey Decimal System.  See below for a breakdown of different topics, and determine what section you need.  

We use one of the standard systems for organizing materials in a library, the Dewey Decimal System. This system helps us keep materials organized in a way that you can locate them easily. However, the system is flawed both in its organization and its historical context.

For more information on the history of the system, its creator, and controversies see our Anti-Oppression guide.

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