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Off-Campus Access to Library Resources

Off-campus access information

Off Campus Access Information

EZ Proxy provides off-campus users access (currently enrolled Goucher College students, faculty, and staff) to the subscription databases and journals held by the Goucher College Library. Goucher alums have limited off-campus access, see the After Goucher Guide .

You must begin your research from the WorldCat Discovery searchbox or one of the Databases from the library website to trigger the login screen when you try to access a Goucher only subscription resource.  

If you have any questions, please see the Troubleshooting links below.


What is EZ Proxy?

Who can use EZ Proxy?

How do I use EZ Proxy?

What browsers are supported?

Do I need to change my browser settings?

What is the EZ Proxy prefix?

How do I search in Google Scholar?

Where do I go for help?



I am getting an error that says EZ Proxy cannot recognize my user name or password EZ Proxy requires a current Goucher ID and password (the same one you use to login to email).

I get a hostname error

I get a "Page Not Found" or "Cannot find server on DNS" error

I logged into EZ Proxy but nothing seems to be happening

EZ Proxy lets me through but the journal/database/website does not recognize me

I use my laptop on campus and see the "This page cannot be displayed" message

Why can I not access the databases using EZ Proxy at work?

Why can I get into some journals without logging in?

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