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Library Policies

General Expectations

Librarians are happy to work with faculty in designing research, information literacy, and scholarly communications sessions to support the needs of their course.  We love learning about what the students are learning, and exploring new ideas with faculty and students.  In return, we ask that:

  • Requests for sessions are submitted at least one week in advance.  Longer time may be required if the library has not worked with your course in the past two years or if a new lesson is being designed.
  • Faculty are present for the duration of the session.  Students will take the session more seriously if their instructor is present. It's also useful to have the instructor present to answer any course or assignment-specific questions that come up during the session.
  • Specific assignments are in mind for a library session.  Librarians will design targeted activities to support assignments that involve some aspect of the research process, support information literacy skills, or address scholarly communication issues.  It's not all about searching!  Librarian support can be provided at any point during the research process - from conceptualizing a topic to getting published, and everything in between.  Many times, it's not searching support that students really need, it could be developing topics, evaluating sources, or designing effective presentations.

Some other notes:

  • Library sessions cannot be scheduled for the first week of classes.
  • It is strongly recommended that the librarian teaching a session be introduced to the class in the preceeding session.  Librarians can visit your regular classroom for a few minutes for a quick introduction by the faculty member and to give students a preview of what to expect in their next class with the librarian.

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