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Interlibrary Loan

How to borrow items from other libraries.

What Is Interlibrary Loan?

Interlibrary Loan (ILL) is a service that provides books and articles that our library may not own. Any current Goucher College faculty, staff, or student can submit ILL requests -- provided there are no overdue loans or outstanding fines.

While materials requested through ILL can arrive quickly, it may be convenient and faster to visit another library in person. Through a reciprocal agreement with several nearby libraries, members of the Goucher College community may borrow materials by presenting their valid Goucher ID at the following institutions - links are to the library homepage:

How Much Can I Request?

Our ability to borrow from other libraries depends on their good will, which means that we agree to return materials on time. Please request only the number of books you can read/process within a reasonable period of time.

Undergraduates (first through third years) may place no more than 5 requests per day. Normal requests should not exceed 25 per semester, but please speak to a librarian if your research requires additional resources.

Seniors, graduate students and faculty may place more requests, but please talk to us before submitting large numbers of requests.

What Can and Cannot Be Borrowed?

We can usually borrow journal articles and print books from other libraries.

These materials are usually NOT available through ILL:

  • eBooks- licensing restrictions forbid lending, but we may be able to purchase an ebook for you.
  • textbooks (They are difficult to find, as few libraries purchase textbooks. If we were able to borrow them, you would only be able to keep them for a few weeks. Overdue books, as all ILL books, are subject to recall, and overdues would incur fines. Please ask your professor to contact us about options for using ebooks for required readings.)
  • recently published books (we will try to buy these if possible)
  • whole issues or volumes of journals
  • newspapers in their original paper form
  • reference books
  • rare books and manuscripts
  • maps
  • videos, DVDs, films
  • sound recordings and audiobooks

What Will It Cost?

Usually interlibrary loans are free, but some libraries do charge for lending.

Please indicate on the request form the highest fee you are willing to pay.

We will try to fill your request free of charge or at the lowest fee possible.

For senior thesis writers and graduate students, the library will purchase up to two articles per semester.

For faculty and staff, if there is a fee over $15 we will ask you before purchasing if you still want us to proceed.

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