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eBooks and eReaders

Finding ebooks owned by the library as well as freely available on the Internet.

About the Program

Goucher College Library's E-Reader Program



Kindle and a stack of books

The Goucher College Library circulates pre-loaded e-readers to current Goucher faculty, students, and staff.   Each Kindle will circulate for 21 days and can be placed on hold through the Library catalog. Each device circulates with a cover, power cord, and a bag that must be returned when the device is returned.


What types of e-readers are available at the Library?
Two Kindle HD 8s and a Kindle Touch.
Who can check out an e-reader?
Current Goucher students, faculty, and staff
What titles are on the Kindles?
All  Kindles are pre-loaded with popular fiction and non-fiction titles. Search in the Library Catalog on the keyword "kindle".
Can I reserve an e-reader?
Yes, as long as you have an active Goucher College library card.  You can place a hold on any of the e-readers through the catalog using the "Place A Hold" button under Availability.
Can I load my own e-books on the Library's Kindles?
No.  The devices are pre-loaded with titles and then de-registered so that no one may add additional books.
What happens if I lose an e-reader or damage it?
Borrowers will be charged a replacement fee if the device is damaged or missing.
Is the Library planning to replace print books with  e-books?
No.  The Library knows that many people prefer print books over e-books.  In addition, many publishing houses do not produce e-books so not all titles will be available electronically. 

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