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Jane Austen

First and Early Editions Title

First Editions

The Austen Collection includes copies of all of the first editions--some in original boards, some from private owners, and others that had been in circulating libraries. There are also American firsts and the first illustrated editions published in London by Bentley in 1832.

Four of Austen's novels were published during her lifetime.  Northanger Abbey and Persuasion were published together posthumously. 

1811   Sense and Sensibility   London, T. Egerton

1813   Pride and Prejudice    London, T. Egerton

1814   Mansfield Park   London, T. Egerton

1816   Emma    London, John Murray

1818   Northanger Abbey & Persuasion   London, John Murray

With the exception of Emma, which was first published in 1816 by M. Carey of Philadelphia, all of Austen's novels were first published in America by Carey and Lea of Philadelphia between 1832-33.


This "Philadelphia Emma," as it is sometimes called, is very rare, with Goucher owning one of six known copies worldwide.  To learn more about the "Philadelphia Emma" and read a digitized facsimile visit:


First Edition Spaceer


Sense & Sensibility. . . by a Lady. London T. Egerton, 1811

The Peacock Edition (Pride and Prejudice. Illustrated by Hugh Thomson. London:  George Allen, 1894)

Pride & Prejudice. LondonT. Egerton, 1813

Emma. Illustrated by C.E. Brock.  London:  J. M. Dent & Co., 1909

Engraved frontispiece (W. Greatbatch, engraver; F. Pickering, artist).  Pride and Prejudice. LondonRichard Bentley, 1833.

Mansfield Park.  Philadelphia:  Carey & Lea, 1832.

Elizabeth Bennet; or, Pride and Prejudice. Philadelphia:  Carey & Lea, 1832. Two volumes.  First American edition of Pride and Prejudice. 

The extremely rare 1816 Philadelphia Emma published by M. Carey.  Austen’s first novel printed in America and during her lifetime.  Later novels would not be published in America until the 1830s in London and Philadelphia.  

Emma. Illustrated by Hugh Thomson.  London:  Macmillan and Co., 1896

Pride and Prejudice. 

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