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Information for faculty about course and research support.

Library Resources

The Goucher library offers on campus/off campusaccess to many resources, including paper books, electronic books, articles from thousands of scholarly journals, and much more.  To begin your research, consider starting with one of the library's research guides.  Choose the one covering the discipline you want to research.  It will lead you to the most appropriate databases and other resources. Feel free to add these links to your Canvas course resource pages, in your class syllabus, or share them with anyone.

Library Guides

Course Materials Existing in Current Collection



The titles below were noted as having been ordered by students for classes.  This list was pulled at the end of January.  It is obviously not all of the books that have been adopted for this term, it is about 30% of the titles that students have purchased.  

Please note that some of these are ebooks.  You can locate these in our Discovery catalog and use the permalinks in the Canvas course to help ensure students have access to the material!  Print items can be placed on Course Reserve.

Be sure to check our Discovery catalog occasionally for new additions that might be part of your course requirements!


Title Author ISBN 13 Status in WMS Format
ABNORMAL PSYCHOLOGY (LOOSELEAF)         NOLEN-HOEKSEMA 9780073382784 Available Print
AFROFUTURISM                            WOMACK         9781613747964 Available EBook
AMERICANAH                              ADICHIE        9780307455925 Available Print
ART OF ART HISTORY                      PREZIOSI       9780199229840 Available Ebook
AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF MY MOTHER              KINCAID        9780374531874 Checked Out  Print
BECOMING AMERICAN?                      HADDAD         9781602584068 Available EBook
BETTER TOGETHER                         PUTNAM         9780743235471 Available Print
BLINDSPOT:HIDDEN BIASES OF GOOD PEOPLE  BANAJI         9780345528438 Available Print
BRIEF WONDROUS LIFE OF OSCAR WAO        DIAZ           9781594483295 Checked Out  Print 
CITY+CITY                               MIEVILLE       9780345497529 Available Print
CLASSIC SLAVE NARRATIVES                GATES          9780451532138 Available Print
CROSSING THE MANGROVE                   CONDE          9780385476331 Checked Out  Print 
DISCOURSE BY 3 DRUNKARDS ON GOVERNMENT  CHOMIN         9780834801929 Checkout Out  Print
DREAMLAND                               QUINONES       9781620402528 Available Print 
DREAMS OF TRESPASS                      MERNISSI       9780201489378 Checked Out  Print
ELUSIVE JANNAH                          ABDI           9780816697397 Available EBook
ENVIRONMENT+SOCIETY                     ROBBINS        9781118451564 Available EBook
EXILE ACCORDING TO JULIA                PINEAU         9780813922485 Checked Out  Print
FARTHER REACHES OF HUMAN NATURE         MASLOW         9780140194708 Available Print
FLOW P.S.ED.                            CSIKSZENTMIHAL 9780061339202 Available Print
FREDERICK DOUGLASS                      FONER          9781556523526 Available EBook
FREEING THE NATURAL VOICE-EXPANDED      LINKLATER      9780896762503 Available Print
GOING PUBLIC                            GECAN          9781400076499 Available Print
HILLBILLY ELEGY                         VANCE          9780062300553 Available Print
HISTORY IN THREE KEYS                   COHEN          9780231106511 Available Ebook
HISTORY OF SEXUALITY,V.1                FOUCAULT       9780679724698 Available Print
HOMO DEUS:BRIEF HISTORY OF TOMORROW     HARARI         9780062464316 Checked Out  Print 
HOW DOES IT FEEL TO BE A PROBLEM?       BAYOUMI        9780143115410 Checked Out  Print 
IMMORTAL LIFE OF HENRIETTA LACKS        SKLOOT         9781400052189 Available EBook
INFAMOUS ROSALIE                        TROUILLOT      9780803240261 Available EBook
JUST LIKE US                            THORPE         9781416538981 On Order Print
LAST SELECTION                          KALIB          9781558490185 Available Both 
LEMON TREE                              TOLAN          9781596913431 Checked Out  Print
LIFE+LOSS IN THE SHADOW OF THE...       BOEHLING       9780521899918 Available Print
MOI,TITUBA SORCIERE...                  CONDE          9782070379293 Checked Out  Print 
MUSHROOM AT THE END OF THE WORLD        TSING          9780691178325 Available Print
NARRATIVE DESIGN                        BELL           9780393320213 Available Print
NEXT AMERICAN REVOLUTION-UPDATED        BOGGS          9780520272590 Available Ebook
NO CONTEST                              KOHN           9780395631256 Available Print
OTHER SIDE OF PARADISE                  CHIN           9780743292917 Available Print
PAGODA                                  POWELL         9780156008297 Checked Out  Print
PASTORAL CLINIC                         GARCIA         9780520262089 Available EBook
PROPOSAL PLANNING+WRITING               MINER          9781440829697 Available Both 
PUNISHED BY REWARDS-W/NEW AFTERWORD     KOHN           9780618001811 Checked  Out  Print
REINTERPRETING A NATIVE AMER.IDENTITY   HANNEL         9781498522113 Available EBook
REVERSING SAIL:HIST.OF AFRIC.DIASPORA.. GOMEZ          9780521001359 Available Print
RISE OF THE ROBOTS:TECHNOLOGY+THREAT... FORD           9780465097531 Available Print
ROSAURA A LAS DIEZ                      DENEVI         9789505810833 Checked Out  Print 
SAISON 1,A1+-W/DVD                      RIPAUD         9782278082650 Available Kit
SAISON 2,A2+-W/DVD                      COCTON         9782278077533 Available Print 
SECRET LIFE OF SAEED:PESSOPTIMIST       HABIBY         9781566564151 Available Print
SENSORY EXOTICA                         HUGHES         9780262582049 Available Print
SING,UNBURIED,SING                      WARD           9781501126079 Checked Out  Print
SIRENA SELENA                           SANTOS-FEBRES  9780312263928 Available Print 
STAND YOUR GROUND                       DOUGLAS        9781626981096 Checked Out  Print 
SUNJATA:NEW PROSE VERSION               CONRAD         9781624664946 Available EBook
SWINGING BRIDGE >CANADIAN<              ESPINET        9780006485957 Available Print
TOTALITY+INFINITY                       LEVINAS        9780820702452 Available Print
TRANSCENDENCE OF THE EGO                SARTRE         9780809015450 Available Print
UPROOT:TRAVELS IN 21ST-CENTURY MUSIC... CLAYTON        9780374533427 Available Print
VULNERABLE OBSERVER                     BEHAR          9780807046319 Available Print
WHEN WORK DISAPPEARS                    WILSON         9780679724179 Available Print
WISER:GETTING BEYOND GROUPTHINK...      SUNSTEIN       9781422122990 Available Print
X-MARKS                                 LYONS          9780816666775 Available EBook

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