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Special Collections & Archives Department: Cold War

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External sites for exploring Cold War

Most of these are links to exhibits or collections of primary sources--and most sites have much more to explore than just what I've listed.  Hope this is helpful.

Library of Congress Prints and Photographs Division

This is a great site for finding primary source images--photographs, posters, ephemera.  You can search many ways by keyword and/or subject. 

Wilson Center Digital Archive  Very cool Cold War source.

Kennedy Library - 1960 Presidential Election  You can listen to recordings and see political ephemera from the election.

Reagan Library - Berlin Wall

Truman Library - Truman Doctrine - Beginning of Cold War

LBJ Library - Declassified Presidential Briefings

(Below) The first link is to the entire guide we looked at in class from the Library of Congress/Middle Tennessee State University.  The rest of the links go to direct sources on the guide.  (Some of the links on the guide do not work.)  The ones I have listed definitely work:-)

Proquest - historical newspaper database

Gale (London) Times Digital Archive

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