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Going Mobile: Apps and mobile websites for use in Academics

Information about apps and mobile websites to aid in classroom use and research.

Apps vs. Mobile Websites



Apps vs. Mobile Websites Overview

A mobile application is a computer program created for a specific activity such as reading, taking notes, and listening to music on a mobile device.  A mobile website is designed for easy viewing on the small screens of a mobile device.  While an app downloaded from a device-specific app store, a mobile website does not need to be downloaded and is available for all regardless of device brand.

The mobile websites and apps featured in this guide are only a small portion of the ones available.  If you know of any apps or mobile websites that would be useful to the Goucher community, please submit them to Kristen Welzenbach.    


What does this message mean?

Push Notifications
When downloading some apps there may be a notice that asks if you would like to allow "push notifications."  If you do allow them, alerts will pop up on your home screen (usually accompanied by a sound) announcing something from the app.  This allows users to receive information even when they are not using that app.  Emails, texts, games, and sport apps tend to utilize these push notifications a lot.
App stores will alert users that updates need to happen for their downloaded apps.  Please make sure to do this as it keeps your apps up-to-date and helps fix bugs.
Would like to use your current location
Many apps or functions on mobile devices ask if they can use your current location.  If you plan to use WorldCat Mobile or the Gale databases using your current location will be important so that they can identify libraries close to you that own the item that you need.

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