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Information for faculty about course and research support.

Book Ordering FAQ

How do I order books, videos and other materials?

The library welcomes and encourages your purchase requests and will usually buy whatever you submit, within these guidelines:

To support student needs, course related textbooks will be purchased either as ebooks or in print format, so long as they are identified within the deadlines for textbook adoptions on eCampus and so long as funds are available. 

If ordering for a new course, let us know so we can use the Flowers Fund, designated to support new courses.

Please be aware that it can take up to a month to obtain and process physical items (and longer if we order from vendors overseas).

Materials for your own research should first be requested via interlibrary loan. Purchases will be considered if not available on ILL.

Use the Faculty & Staff Request Form to order books, videos, music scores -- and their electronic versions.

Are there departmental library budgets?

Following trends in the greater academic library community, and reflecting the College's organizational move from departments to interdisciplinary centers, the Goucher College Library does not allocate its materials budget by departments.

Other considerations influencing this change: 

  • Electronic materials consume most ot the materials budget, with little discretionary funding available for print books. 
  • Faculty have more demands on their time, and their involvement in book ordering has steadily declined.
  • Much student research work supported by the library's growing collections of high-quality ebooks.

Choice Reviews Online

What happened to the Choice cards?

For many years the library carried both Choice Cards and Choice Reviews Online. The number of cards returned by faculty has declined greatly and no longer justifies the additional expense. The new web interface, Choice Reviews offers many useful features, including a virtual "cardstack" and the ability to submit orders to the Goucher College library.

How can I share lists, save reviews, and create cardstacks?

To use any personalized features, you'll need to create an account. For details, see the Choice Reviews FAQ

How can I submit order requests from Choice?

After logging into your account, you can email single titles or lists to:

How can I get personal help using Choice Reviews Online?

Your library liaison will be happy to walk you through the process; just call or email them.

Other Book Review Sources

These well-known review sources also publish lengthy, authoritative articles and commentary on current affairs.

Locating Books

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