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Faculty Guide to Goucher's Library

Faculty Guide to Goucher's Library

Placing Items on Reserve

To place a physical item on class reserve, you will need to complete a brief form. There are copies at the library service desk, or you can complete and print the appropriate online form below.Give the form(s) and the item(s) for reserve to the workers at the library service desk, or email the completed electronic form(s) to Tom Minnema. Please allow three days for the library to process items for reserve (sometimes longer at the beginning of the term).

Library-Owned Items

Any item owned by the library can usually be placed on reserve without any copyright concerns. Our basic guideline is no more than one copy of any item per 30 students.

Your Personal Items

The library can usually place an item that is your personal property on reserve for one term, but not for multiple terms. If you need an item on reserve for multiple terms, and it is commercially available, the library will consider a purchase request. The exception to the purchase option is publisher identified textbooks. Request purchases using the Faculty Order Form. Personally reproduced items (off-air recordings, CDs that you have burned, etc.) will be considered on a case-by-case basis to assure copyright compliance.


In many cases, reserve readings can be made available to students electronically through the library's subscription databases. Faculty interested in making these articles available to their students on Canvas should post the permalink url to the article when possible. If you are unsure whether you are using the correct url, contact Kristen Shonborn or Pamela Flinton at the library.  If you need help adding these to your Canvas pages contact the Help Desk ( Faculty can check the Goucher Journals List to determine if we have access to a specific periodicals.


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