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Collection Services: Faculty Ordering/Budget

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Book Ordering FAQ

What happened to my department's library budget?

Following trends in the greater academic library community, the Goucher College Library no longer allocates its materials budget by departments.

What prompted this change?

  • It reflects the College's organizational move from narrow departments to more interdisciplinary centers.
  • The materials budget has been static for several years, while electronic resources consume an ever growing portion.
  • Faculty have more demands on their time, and their involvement in book ordering has steadily declined (in FY16, faculty requested 25% of the new print titles, while library staff selected 75%). 
  • Much of our students' research work is now supported by the library's growing collections of high-quality ebooks, which now outnumber its print titles.

How do I order books and DVDs?

The library welcomes and encourages your purchase requests and will (usually) buy whatever you submit, EXCEPT for:

Traditional textbooks (so designated by their publishers), as these go out of date quickly and are often very costly. We will support requests for nontextbook monographs in support of your courses.

We value your input, so PLEASE keep ordering titles that support your courses and research.

Ordering for a new course? Let us know so we can use the Flowers Fund, designated to support new courses.

THERE IS NO LONGER A DEADLINE FOR ORDERS - but please be aware that it can take up to a month to obtain and process physical items (even longer if we order from vendors overseas).

Use the Library Purchase Request Form to order books, videos, music scores -- and their electronic versions.

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