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Chicago/Turabian Style Guide

Creating citations in Chicago format

Shortened Note for Works Cited Earlier

Shortened Note for Works Cited Earlier (16.4)

For footnotes (or endnotes), when one citation to the same work immediately follows another on the same page, "ibid." can be used in the latter note.

12. Harriet Murav, Music from a Speeding Train: Jewish Literature in Post-Revolution Russia (Stanford, CA: Stanford University Press, 2011), 219.

13. Ibid., 111.

If reference is to a work already cited in full but not in the note immediately preceding, and only one work of the author has been used, then just the author's last name is needed.

14. Murav, 204.

If two or more works of the same author have been cited, use the author's last name and brief title.

15. Murav, Speeding Train, 204.

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