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Benefits of Working in the Library

The Library employs over 50 Student Assistants each year in several different departments. The job descriptions of Student Assistants working in the Library encompass a wide range of opportunities such as: filing, typing, editing, shelving books, assisting users, checking books in/out, maintaining stacks, enforcing library policies, reserve processing, acquisitions, cataloging, online searching, maintaining operational hours, working with local databases, digitizing, and other special projects.

These positions allow students to learn more about the library resources while gaining a hands-on experience with the operations of libraries. The Library offers a friendly, supportive working environment; opportunities to interact with both members of the public and library staff; varied duties, and valuable work experience. We encourage and support our student workers in the acquisition of new skills and proficiency with new technologies that can be transferred to their academic endeavors and future roles. Our student assistants also report that, through their work in the library, they learn about resources and services that help them in their studies.

Benefits of working in the Library:

  • No experience required
  • On campus employment makes getting to class a lot easier
  • Flexible hours scheduled around your classes
  • Gain experience to begin building your resume
  • Learn successful researching tips (which will come in handy for that term paper due next week!)

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