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Provides a general overview of copyright issues for Goucher College faculty and students.

Copyright Compliance Strategies

For Teaching Faculty:

1) Use articles and materials to which the University has electronic licensing rights.

2) Use works in the public domain.

3) Create and use your own works.

4) Using the four factors of fair use, conduct individual fair use analyses for every work you wish to reproduce and distribute to a class and record your analysis.

5) Obtain permission from copyright owners.

For Students:

1) Copy only so much of a work as you need to complete your academic project.

2) Limit distribution to the class and professor.

Obtaining Permission to Copy

The Copyright Advisory Office at Columbia University has complied an extensive list of resources to assist in locating copyright owners.

What You Can Do

Exhibit materials in a live classroom? Post materials to an online class? Distribute readings? Create electronic reserves?
Works Not Copyrighted Public Domain Works Yes Yes Yes Yes
Copyrighted Works Your Own Works Yes Yes Yes Yes
Open Access Works Yes Link Link Link
Electronic Works Licensed by Goucher


Link Link Link
Electronic Works with a Creative Commons License Yes Yes Yes Yes
Other Works Yes Yes* Yes** Yes**


* If meets either TEACH Act or Fair Use standards.  If not, LINK or seek permission.

** If meets Fair Use standards.  If not, LINK or seek permission.

Adapted from the ARL brochure, Know Your Copy Rights.

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