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Library Policies

Library Use

The primary mission of the Goucher College Library is to provide academic and technological resources and services that allow the college community to achieve its teaching, learning, research, professional, and community-service goals. The following policies, governing the use of the facilities and collections, reflect this mission. Any questions concerning these policies may be directed to the College Librarian’s Office by emailing

  1. The Library’s staff is committed to maintaining a quality study and research environment, protecting the rights of users, and sustaining the integrity of its collections. In addition to the policies noted below, college-wide policies and civil laws related to facilities and collections vandalism apply.
  2. Members of the Goucher community (current Goucher students, faculty, staff) with valid college-issued identification may use the library during operating hours.
  3. The general public may use the library when resources are not in use by or reserved for members of the Goucher community. (Please note: Only Goucher students, faculty, staff, and sponsored guests may be present in the Athenaeum after 10:00 p.m. or before 9:00 a.m. All library users may be asked to present their Goucher ID card during these times.)
  4. Anyone engaging in disruptive behavior or otherwise undermining a reasonable academic learning atmosphere may be asked to leave. Disruptive behavior includes verbal abuse, continued loud talking, loud music, shouting, running, or any other activity that might disturb the concentration of others.
  5. Anyone who mutilates, defaces, tears, writes on, or otherwise injures any library material or library spaces may lose library privileges. They also may face appropriate administrative action within the college as well as prosecution under state law.
  6. The Goucher Library reserves the right to refuse access and borrowing privileges to any person who fails to observe library regulations.
  7. Group Study rooms in the library are available on a first-come first-served basis for drop-in group study, computing, video/DVD viewing, and small and large group meetings. Students/Faculty/Staff/Organizations may reserve group study rooms by contacting the College Librarian’s Office.
  8. Individuals who wish to film or photograph within the library must obtain the permission of the College Librarian’s Office.  Such requests will be accommodated only if the proposed activity results in minimal impact to the library’s environment for research and study.  
  9. Display of posters, distribution of literature, or solicitation is prohibited except in designated areas or with the permission of the College Librarian’s office.  Walls in the library, on the upper level of the Athenaeum, and outside of Special Collections (from the library entrance to the end of the hall near Classroom 422) are reserved for academic displays and are not covered by the Campus Display Policy.  Requests for displays in these areas must be made to the college librarian, who will, in consultation with the provost, approve or deny requests. To request the use of these spaces, please submit the Library Display Request Form to the college librarian.


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