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Video @ Goucher College Library

Finding videos (DVDs, streaming) available through the library.

Ordering for the Library

The library welcomes your suggestions for video purchases. For documentaries, the preferred format is streaming. If no suitable titles are found in Academic Video Online Premium or on Kanopy, please consider one of the freely available sites.

For feature films, the library will continue to buy DVDs, as streaming is less available for this genre, or only available for individual subscription on Amazon, Netflix, etc.

To request a video, please use the Library video request form. You may also submit an email video order . Please include information on the producer/distributor, price, format (DVD or streaming), and a link to the vendor site if available.

In addition to purchasing for your curricular needs (using your departmental allocation), we encourage you to recommend feature films and other titles to enhance the library's video collection.

Video lists

Reviews and Previews

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