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Goucher College Library is now offering Kindles with pre-loaded content. This guide provides details about the program, instructions for how to use the devices, and title information.

Getting Started


Home button:  shows content stored on your Kindle and directs you to the pre-loaded books.

Menu button: displays choices that are related to the screen you are viewing.

Power button: puts your Kindle to sleep, wakes it up, and turns your Kindle on or off.

USB/power port: use for charging the Kindle

Keyboard button:  displays the onscreen keyboard.  Press again to close.

Back button: retraces your steps on Kindle like the back button on a web browser.

Next Page button: takes you to the next page of the book.

Previous Page button:  takes you to the previous page of the book.


5-Way Controller button: selects an item or action when pressed down.  Use the arrows to control the on-screen highlight or cursor up, down, left or right.  Use the left or right arrows to skip to the next or previous chapter, section, or article.



Navigating the Kindle

The Home Screen displays all of Goucher College Library's e-collections.

For the reading list, select Books.  The titles are listed in alphabetical order.  Select the book you want to read and enjoy!

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