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Goucher College Library is now offering Kindles with pre-loaded content. This guide provides details about the program, instructions for how to use the devices, and title information.

About the Program

Goucher College Library's E-Reader Program


The Goucher College Library is now circulating pre-loaded e-readers to current Goucher faculty, students, and staff.  We continue to strive to find new ways to bring emerging information technology to the Goucher community.

The Library has one Kindle Fire, two Kindle WiFi devices, two Kindle Touches, and one Kindle Paperwhite pre-loaded with popular fiction and non-fiction titles.  Each Kindle will circulate for 14 days, and can be placed on hold through the Library catalog.

Each device circulates with a cover, power cord, and a bag that must be returned when the device is returned.


What types of e-readers are available at the Library?
A Kindle Fire, two Kindle devices, two Kindle Touch devices, and a Kindle Paperwhite.
Who can check out an e-reader?
Current Goucher students, faculty, and staff
What titles are on the Kindles?
All six Kindles are pre-loaded with popular fiction and non-fiction titles. Search in the Library Catalog on the keyword "kindle".
Can I reserve an e-reader?
Yes, as long as you have an active Goucher College library card.  You can place a hold on any of the e-readers through the catalog using the "Place A Hold" button at the top of the screen.
Can I load my own e-books on the Library's Kindles?
No.  The devices are pre-loaded with titles and then de-registered so that no one may add additional books.
What happens if I lose an e-reader or damage it?
Borrowers will be charged a replacement fee if the device is damaged or missing.
Is the Library planning to replace print books with  e-books?
No.  The Library knows that many people prefer print books over e-books.  In addition, many publishing houses do not produce e-books so not all titles will be available electronically. 

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