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Accessibility Services

A guide to accessibility services at the Goucher College Library


For students with print disabilities, Bookshare provides access to a variety of accessible book titles, which can be access in methods suited to the reader.

Kurzweil/Firefly and Adobe Digital Editions How To

There are several ways for Kurzweil to read books from Adobe Digital Edition, here are two for PCs (MAC instructions forthcoming):

1) Use the KESI Virtual printer to convert the book to .kes format

Open the book in Adobe Digital Edition

Go to File, Print and change the printer to kesi virtual printer

Select preferences and under paper/quality tab select use color

Then print.

This will send the book to Kurzweil in the Kurzweil format (Kurzweil may open a window and ask you to confirm the page range) and you will then be able to use all the Kurzweil features, save it as a file so you can re-open without having to go back to Adobe Digital Edition, you can upload the file to Firefly to use with your portable device etc.


2) The KESI Virtual printer can do this with ANY file format that can be printed.

Add the Kurzweil Image Reader feature to the task bar of any computer that has Kurzweil 3000 software installed.  

Use the Kurzweil Image Reader to read the book directly from being opened in Adobe Digital Edition.

Kurzweil Image Reader can be used to ready anything being displayed on the desktop (web pages, email, file menus, anything). 

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