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Faculty Guide to Goucher's Library

Faculty Guide to Goucher's Library

Library Resources

The Goucher library offers access to many resources, including paper books, electronic books, articles from thousands of scholarly journals, and much more.  To begin your research, consider starting with one of the library's research guides.  Choose the one covering the discipline you want to research.  It will lead you to the most appropriate databases and other resources.

Library Guides

Sharing Resource Guides with Students

Research guides aren't just for faculty, students can access them too.  You can share the research guide most closely related to your class with your students by linking to it on your class's Goucher Learn page. 

Remote Access

You can access Goucher's resources, even if you are not at a Goucher computer.  Simply input your Goucher credentials when prompted. 

Borrowing from Other Libraries

The Goucher library has reciprocal borrowing agreements with most other academic libraries in the Baltimore area.  Simply present your Goucher ID. (Note that faculty can borrow books from the Hopkins libraries, though students cannot.) 

We can also request books and articles from libraries anywhere in the United States through interlibrary loan. See the link below for more information. 

Interlibrary Loan

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