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Faculty Guide to Goucher's Library

Faculty Guide to Goucher's Library

The exponential growth in the amount of information available to students has made the research process far more complex than it was a generation ago, ten years ago, or even five years ago. A student needs a sophisticated set of skills to access this knowledge base, plus the ability to separate good information from bad. With this added complexity, though, comes tremendous power. A modern, information-literate student can learn more, learn faster, and produce far better papers and presentations, than a student of the past.

The Library is committed to helping students and their professors by teaching research skills. 

Regardless of the type of the instruction, we always make it:

Contextual: We relate our teaching to the subject matter and assignments of the specific course. We avoid general "How to use the library" sessions.

Interactive: We avoid a total lecture format, and create a learning experience that actively involves the students, the professor, and the librarian.

Practical: Part of the class period is devoted to students working on their assignment, and receiving individual help from the librarian and their professor.

To schedule research instruction, please contact Pamela Flinton, x6365 or Kristen Shonborn, x3289.

We provide many different types of research instruction. Click the link below to see them. We're not limited to these things though, we can create whatever your class needs.

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