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After Goucher: alumnae/alumni services

What to do when you're cut loose from Goucher's fabulous library resources.

Your public library

Most public libraries subscribe to some databases, so be sure to get a library card and find out what you have access to. In some cases your library card will get you access from home to whatever the library system subscribes to.

Interlibrary loan?When you're not affiliated with an academic institution, your recourse for interlibrary loan is your public library. Most public libraries provide this service as part of the spirit of cooperation in which libraries operate. Depending on where you are, this may well not be something that's actively promoted as it is an expensive service. But just know that you can always ask a library if they provide it.

Here's how Baltimore County Public Library describes their ILL service.

Maryland's SAILOR and other state networks

Many states have statewide cooperative library networks offering access to databases and other information resources for public library users. Maryland’s SAILOR is an example of this.  Or Georgia's GALILEO. You’ll need your public library card for some of what they have. And your public library can tell you what's available in your state.

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