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Business Management

A Guide to Library Research in Business Management at Goucher College

Business Management at Goucher

Journals List

Is there a specific article in a specific journal you'd like to find? No need to guess which database to try.  The library's holdings (electronic and hard copy) of full text for articles is available through Goucher Journals List


Inter Library Loan

If neither our databases nor Journals List (above) yields full text of the article you seek you can request that our library get you a copy (if you are currently a Goucher student, faculty, or staff member).  It's suggested you cut and paste the article info into the form, if possible.

Try These Databases First

Other Good Databases to Try

Google Scholar

Google Scholar will lead you to many book and journal sources. You will only be able to get access to the full-text if the article is in a journal to which Goucher College Library subscribes.

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