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Environmental Studies

Constructing Your Search

1. State your research question in a clear sentence.
     I’d like to study mortality in the Atlantic slave trade, with particular regard to its causes.

2. Identify the concepts in your research question.
     mortality and atlantic slave trade and causes

3. Think of related terms (connected by or) which might also describe your concepts.
     (mortality or death) and atlantic slave trade and (causes or factors)

4. Apply special features and put together your statement.
     (mortality or death*) and "atlantic slave trade" and (cause* or factor*) 

Note that parentheses are only needed when "OR" strings and ANDs
linked in the same box.



If You Get Too Many Articles...

--Add another concept, using and
     "atlantic slave trade" and mortality and causes and child*

--Limit your terms to more specific fields (example: subject, title, abstract)

If You Don't Get Enough...

--Check for typos.

--Add related terms, using or
     (mortality or death or disease*)

--Take out a concept
     "atlantic slave trade" and (mortality or death*) and (cause* or factor*)

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