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Database Searching Tips

Google Book Search

Optimal Search Template:  Use simple box - will find magazine issues as well as books, though button is labeled "search books."

Default Connector:    AND and OR  when using simple box  (ANDed sites ranked higher.)  To phrase-search, use quotation marks.

Truncation:   no truncation

Proximity Searching:   no proximity

Formal Subject Searching:   no subject searching

Key Feature:   Search-input box (to left of page images) will find sought words within text.

Google Scholar

Optimal Search Template:   Advanced (Click on triangle at right end of simple box.)

Default Connector: (AND and OR when using simple box; ANDed sites ranked higher.) To phrase-search in Advanced, use box "Exact Phrase."

Possible Connectors: Use "with all" box for ANDs. Use "at least one" box for ORs.

Truncation: Not available

Proximity Searching: Not available

Formal Subject Searching: Not available

Key Feature: Click triangle at right end of “anywhere in the article” box to choose article-title searching.

Goucher College Online Catalog

Optimal Search Template:   Advanced (link is right of search box)

Default Connector:  In keyword it's AND, but can phrase-search by using quotation marks

Possible Connectors:   AND,  OR   e.g.(dog or cat) and AND NOT

Truncation:   Asterisk.    e.g.  motiv*

Proximity Searching:   YES. In keyword, use within # e.g. dog within 5 cat

Formal Subject Searching:   YES.  Select "Subject" from drop-down menu

Key Feature:  Can use "Material Type" drop-down menu to limit search to scores, videos, etc.


Optimal Search Template:   Advanced (Link is below left end of search box)

Default Connector:    AND To phrase-search use quotation marks.

Possible Connectors:  AND, OR, NOT

Truncation:   Asterisk.    e.g.  motiv*   Use question mark for internal, e.g. wom?n

Proximity Searching:   "two words" ~#     e.g.  "dog cat"~5

Formal Subject Searching:   no subject indexing

Key Feature:   Note check- boxes for: field-searching, type of article, targeting journals.

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