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BIO 208 - Spring 2017 -  Human Disease (Delahunty)

Resources  suggested

MedLine Plus - from NIH (National Institutes of Health)      

Medline (Ebscohost) - more detailed articles and research

PolicyMap - a great resource for mapping of health issues

CDC - Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Citation Help - remember, even in a presentation, citations are important.  They help to show the authority behind your words and they allow others to do further investigation into interesting areas.

RefWorks - a reference manager that will help you organize your research 


Come to the library for assistance or request a research consultation.

In our second session we looked at analyzing a popular magazine article.  We first had to find an article that could be used for this purpose.  It had to be a reasonable length to produce enough information to track down more information on the subject.  We looked for items with names and institutions listed or with studies named.

To find NON-scholarly article  (not what we usually ask for is it!)

Start with Academic Search Complete and narrow your search to Magazines.


not out of the Woods

To help analyze the validity of information in your popular magazine article look for:

Names of researchers or doctors

Institution names, particularly when paired with researchers or doctors

Clinic or Research Center names

Dates of studies  (sometimes studies will be mentioned that have not yet been published, but can be found in various online pre-archives or repositories)

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